Art Butler: Fiddle

Hebridean born Art is self-taught fiddler with  an individual style which comes out of Celtic and blues influences.

Art played fiddle in the reggae influence ceilidh band Workhouse, based in Suffolk, for over 15 years and recorded “Tripping” with them in 1994.

Currently, Art also deps for Dave Shepard of Blowzabella in another ceilidh band as well as session recording with other artists

Claire Cordeaux: Guitar

Claire is native to Suffolk but started playing guitar and singing in pubs in Bristol before moving to London and played bass guitar with 80’s band Heavens Gate.

After moving back to Suffolk, Claire played bass guitar with Workhouse in 1995 and continued for about 12 years.

Claire also played bass with the Cambridge based singer songwriter Heather McVey and the Peterborough based Richard Hall Band, now called Isiah, with whom she recorded the album “In The Wings”. Claire still occasionally plays bass with Isiah.


Artwork History:

Artwork started,  as an acoustic offshoot of Workhouse, in 2008 with a gig at The Green Dragon Festival, in the mountains, south of Granada, Spain!

Claire picked up the acoustic guitar again for Artwork and her style is rhythmic,  jazzy and influenced by her bass playing.

The melodies are Art’s original tunes which are mostly in the standard celtic format of jigs, reels and hornpipes, quite often influenced by the sea.

Artwork has developed a unique style including playing effects peddles in a way that is musically compatible with the tune and also inter-weaving bluesy interludes into the tunes.

As well as playing at festivals (including Latitude) and pubs Artwork has appeared as support for Kal Lavelle, Fiona Bevan and  toured with  Kevin Pearce on his album launch tour in 2011.

Kevin Pearce recorded Artwork’s debut EP “First Draft” on tape, in October 2011.

Artwork is promoted by TheBlueBusTour and NoiseofArt (see Contacts and Links page)

The music is not quite traditional and not quite jazz. We call it “Celticfusion”.